Monday, 26 September 2016

Rules to Post-Dating

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Should there be rules for after dating communication?

Now, I’m not saying I’ve had loads of dates but I’ve had a fair share of bad ones. I’m literally so picky and lads just need to tick all the right boxes.. i mean everyone feels the same way, right? But what I never understand is when you’ve finished dating someone and they’re still on the scene like they don’t escape, do you still have to try and be civil with them or can you just ignore them for all of eternity? 

Is it just me who seems to just go on dates and if you aren’t liking them do you ignore them and hope they get the message rather than replying saying you absolutely hated it and just want to forget that moment in your life. I mean, most of the time I even go on dates is just if there’s food involved.. I do pay for my share of the bill I’m not THAT heartless. I feel like this is just the less awkward way to go around the situation, rather than texting them and then having to kinda feel sorry about the situation when you’re really just dragging it out when you both know you aren't going to talk anyway.

What I never understand is, when you’ve been seeing someone and you find out they was seeing someone else at the same time (is that still classed as cheating when you weren't together) well anyway, I don’t see why they still follow your social media and like everything. I know what girls are like and i don’t particularly fancy being roasted in a group chat just because someones boyfriend is going around liking my photos, like you’re the one that technically cheated it’s your loss *sassy hair flick*.

Now, let’s get past the whole dating scene and go into being in a relationship. Say you’re in a ‘long term relationship’. How are you meant to act after that time being with someone, I swear there needs to be a handbook for this (if there is someone please link me). Do you just have to heartbreakingly delete every photo out of your phone and social media, block them off of everything.. I mean surely thats for the actual worst case scenario? But if you ever saw them in person, how do you act around someone that you loved & possibly someone you thought you’d be with for the rest of your life. 

Me personally, would just probably go into awkward turtle mode and start bashing on about Corrie or something as if it was the most normal conversation to have with your ex in the middle of the Asda at 2pm. I’ve luckily never been in this situation so can’t really give an actual answer of how I think it should be resolved, but I have a feeling that this must be the most awkward situation or if you’re in a movie you just get back together.. I wish everything was a movie how easy would that make life??

If you have been through any of these solutions, I would love to know about them. Feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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