Sunday, 2 October 2016


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I've been waiting for Autumn since last autumn, this is by far my favourite season and time of the year. As much as I do love summer nights, I just love being able to layer up and get all cosy with my blankets. And the best part is.. HALLOWEEN IS THIS MONTH!! I'm so ready for the crisp sounds of crunchy leaves beneath my feet.

This weekend I went back home to Liverpool (legit can't stay away lol oops). I went walking around the city centre for some photography photos, but couldn't resist walking into a few parks to get some good old Autumn style photos.. meaning just taking a load of photos of trees and different coloured leaves. I also got v.excited because it started to rain, so I bought such a pretty umbrella. I haven't actually had an umbrella since I was about 10 so I felt like a little kid again, someone banged into me and actually said I was 'too small for an umbrella' like what's all that about?? 

Main reason I actually went home this weekend though, was that it was my 2nd cousins little son's christening. I love a family party & our family is h u g e so parties are the only time we really get to see everyone, so didn't want to miss out catching up with everyone and there's free food (as well as free sweets) so I just HAD to go really! 

I'm also so excited for this month purely because I am going to London TWICE! Once with my Uni course & another for a weekend away with my mum & dad which is going to be packed with so many exciting things to do!

Anyway.. do you love Autumn as much as me? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Autumn is the best time. Your photographs are lovely and I hope you have a lovely trip with your mum and dad :)

  2. aww thank you so much! I'm sure I will post a blog about my london trip too :)