Monday, 24 October 2016

Being a Poor excuse for a Girl

I was thinking about this the other day on the way into town. I overheard two girls chatting how they don't wear make up or carry handbags with them, and how they were called a poor excuse for a girl??

Why are there standards for BEING A GIRL? As if girls haven't already got low self-esteem about what they do already in this society, they're now being put down for not 'fitting in' to these standards what absolute rubbish.

Just because some girls don't wear makeup, never wear their hair down, wear jeans 24/7, wear backpacks instead of handbags and prefer to wear trainers who gives a fuck really? Who decides that these aren't 'proper' girls. Isn't life about doing what you feel comfortable with and not caring what other people think?

Back in school i'll admit, I always wore my hair in a pony and NEVER wore any makeup. I was constantly getting asked why not. I just couldn't be bothered straightening my hair in the mornings and back then I wasn't interested in makeup tbh.

I can still leave the house now without wearing makeup except for uni, I just always feel like I need it and just makes me feel so much more awake and not paranoid what people think about me. Should we really have to go through life scared of what people think of us? STRANGERS we pass on the street judging us. Like they're never going to see us again, why do we care so much?

I honestly do wish I was one of these girls who didn't care what anyone thought, and wore whatever the fuck they wanted but I do. I do care what people see me as and its mainly because of school and how I was treated. Don't get me wrong, I always wear skinny jeans and only really make an effort for a night out, and love trainers but if I go to the shops with my hair thrown up and no makeup on with no bag I feel so judged that everyones staring at me, wondering what i'm doing.

These standards need to change, just embrace who you are. If someone calls you out for wearing something that they don't like, then you just lift your chin up and say that everyone's different you obviously feel comfortable and thats more important than fashion and these 'girl rules' we apparently have going on.


  1. Really great piece! I too long to be 100% comfortable in my skin and I hope we both can achieve that without these standards around us :)

  2. Thank you so much :) yeah exactly I just think they're seriously unnecessary like whats it achieving? we CAN do this!!!

  3. Wow, so inspiring and so uplifting. Every girl needs to read this post! I absolutely support it 100% ! Great job💞

    1. omg wow thank you so much, this comment has seriously made my day!