Friday, 28 October 2016

Weekend in London

I'm so in love with London so when my mum & dad invited me on their yearly trip there I jumped at the chance. Even though i've been there so many times before I couldn't wait to be back, snapping away on my camera being a proper tourist and visiting some of my favourite places again.. just never gets old. 

We did so many touristy things from walking around covent garden, to going on the London Eye. We even went to Hamleys which was AMAZING as usual!! I always feel like i'm in 'Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium' no matter how old you are you'll always enjoy it. So we pretty much spent most of our days exploring and trying out any of coffee shops & pubs lol. 

Whilst down there we stayed in a Premier Inn which is my favourite type of hotel as the breakfast just never disappoints, there's so much choice and so much you can eat you just can't go wrong? I was in my own room too and the bed was literally a king size, I was in heaven. Everything about the room and hotel was positive, the staff were always lovely and whenever they saw me they would just chat to me and waited for me to leave my room before knocking and asking to clean it. Which I thought was lovely, as they could've been really impatient seeing as whenever I was getting back from breakfast my room was always next to be cleaned.. sorry. 

On our last full day we actually booked to go and see Thriller the musical, now musicals are my favourite and going to a theatre just gets me SO excited. But Thriller just didn't hit it for me, I like musicals with a story this just felt like I was at his concert.. but he's dead (R.I.P) I just didn't understand it. The dancers and singers were outstanding don't get me wrong but I wouldn't jump at seeing it again, and thriller was only sang at the very end so why was it even called Thriller?? I don't want to put such a downer on it, incase any of you want to see it but my tip is: don't leave at the first half which many did the second half is much better!!! 

After that though, me and my mum went on the London Eye as my dad had already been on he said he wouldn't do it again so he went off to get bevvied.. classic dad. It was so pretty to go up in the night time and just see all the buildings lit up, it doesn't even feel like you're moving and you go so fast I couldn't believe it!!! I wish I could do it all over again, the 4D experience was good too except that we got covered in a load of bubble bath which just ruined my hair, how selfish of them. 

So, thats my view on London anyway it seriously was the best 3 days and I can't wait till i'm able to go back again. 

Have you ever been to London? What was your favourite part? 


  1. Love this! I Live so close to London but don't go often enough! I really need to go soon! I just love walking around the streets in London and getting lost and discovering all the pretty little places.

    Stacey white

    1. I'm so jealous omg it's so pretty!! Yeah for sure there's so many places to visit isn't there could deffo get lost so easily ahaha

  2. Cute post! I just love going to London - the whole vibe there. Shame you didn't like Thriller too much! I'm sure you'll see something you much prefer on your next visit. Where are you from? 🌹

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