Friday, 23 December 2016

AnimalBox: December Review

It's been forever since I did a blog post, due to uni deadlines and none stop work when i've come back for home for Christmas. But for today's post I am happy to announce my future partnership with Animalbox! 

Animalbox is a group of people who are passionate pet lovers who select a range of high quality products which are specifically chosen for the size and breed of your cat. Everyone know's how much I love my cat so to be able to treat her with all of this is lovely, so when Animalbox was looking for bloggers to review there boxes I jumped at the chance. 

For those that don't know, this is Tilly Mint my cat. She is 13/14 years old and she is going to be reviewing the products today.

There were lots of goodies in this box and the first thing Tilly went for is of course the toy. Even though she is a 'senior' she loves her toys and can spend hours just chasing anything that wiggles or makes a sound. Tilly isn't much of a big eater, but she loves her treats and I loved the names of these ones and especially perfect for christmas time (!!!) Tilly is skinny anyway so I don't care how much of these she eats and she can burn it off chasing her new toy. 

My favourite of this is the wet food, Tilly loves wet food but it's expensive to keep buying it so we stick to dry food which lasts months she doesn't mind either way tbh but I like to be able to treat her with wet food when I can. 

This is just one of the toys we got in the box and just look how cute it is with the gingerbreads on!! It's so strong too which is perfect as Tilly has proper strong teeth and claws, so when we play with it I know it won't just snap in half or break off in her mouth. I will of course be supervising so if anything does happen I can just take it away but it's such a cute little toy and she hasn't been away from it since it came out the box.

The other products that I love are the snowman and the blanket, i'm pretty sure the snowman is meant to hang on our christmas tree but she's having none of that, she just claws it when ever I go to even touch it.

Since Tilly also doesn't have a bed, she sleeps on my old dressing gown so I just placed the blanket on top of it as it's nice for her to have her own something. However, she actually kicked it off so I guess she just likes to be comfortable with what she's used to but i've left it there anyway and she is occasionally sleeping on it.

So in this box I got: 

  • IAMS delights: Salmon & Trout in Jelly
  • Play & Fill Stocking: Catnip Toy
  • Pip Squeak Snowman
  • Gingerbread Tease Toy
  • Comets 4 course Meal Treats: Salmon, Turkey, Cheese and Yoghurt flavourings 
  • Cat Grass
  • Pet Throw 

All in all I found this box a proper treat for my cat, she seemed to enjoy playing with her toys and filled herself up on her food and treats. The only ones I wouldn't give my cat is the catnip as she's never had it before and the cat grass, I don't really understand this as my cat goes outside but we have grass so why do we need cat grass? I might try it out anyway and see what she thinks of it. 

SO ANYWAY THE PRICE (!!!!) The monthly Subscription is £14.90, but the products of the box probably value at around £40. 

If you'd like to treat your favourite companion, use this code ukb0la2e which will give you a £5 discount on your first box. 

These are some of the links where you can find boxes for your dogs or cats:

Please let me know what you think of this post and whether you'll be purchasing a subscription for your loved pet. 

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