Thursday, 26 January 2017

Storytime: Why Lads Are Idiots

Now, we all wonder at some point why lads are such idiots.. right? I mean, i think this about everyone i've met (well 90%)

Throughout uni i've fancied many lads, wow i sound like i'm in yr6 again but yeno what i mean. At the time, they've always seemed like proper decent lads, but then again we've mostly been drunk when we've met but still i thought they were super nice and 'genuine' lads. OH how i was wrong.. let me tell you about some of them. 

Goofy Ass i love making names up for lads lol, this one's inspired by my mate who pointed out that he has a weird face so shout out to you. But the point is, in first year we would go out pretty much every night as you must do for first year it's the law. A few of my friends told me that he fancied me back so obviously i was grafting, and on nights out he seemed to as well.. although mostly for the fact i was the one paying for all our drinks #mug. ANYWAY i heard that he liked another girl but she didn't like him, but he was still grafting her and left me looking stupid af so that's all i'm gonna say about that tbh and i've thankfully not seen him since first year. 

Player Assbite this one is from second year he is pretty much the same realisation of the first. Except, that one of my closest (or so i thought) set us up so really i just shouldn't my mates no more aha. Again, we would always go out together and when i heard he fancied me we got talking and we got on really well.. until i get drunk. Surely whenever anyone gets drunk they go overly passionate about their feelings, at least i do anyway and literally scared him away. HOWVER he would still ask about me and want me to go out with them again, but when i would he would just be trying to pull other girls.. so not attractive. So i just gave up and was like nah cant be dealing with head fucks, my mate was on my side by this point making me stop myself going near him when i was drunk. 

Axwound surprise, surprise this is the same reasons as the other two and is from third year. It's quite recent so i mean i have been doing better, but basically this one had a girlfriend.. don't judge me too soon he told me they wasn't serious and that he can pull other girls. So yeah on the night out we was just chilling together, and his girlfriend was there too that's always normal init but not only that I saw him out the other night as well and he was getting with another random girl so all I can say is good luck to her. 

Hope you enjoyed another little look into my great relationships with lads, i should also stop trying to get with lads beginning with A as well i think. 

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