Monday, 23 January 2017

I Am Embarrasing

Hiiii Lovely's, how are you all?
For this post I thought I would share some embarrassing stories with you, I mean there's quite a few so i'm not gonna do all of them aha just something to make you laugh (maybe)

Asking for wrong maths test: okay, so basically it was my GCSE's and first of all I couldn't even find my desk like you get seated in your sets and alphabetical order well mine wasn't with my set? So i was like waahh i'm lost but then someone helped me and it was right at the front (!!!!). There was no test paper on it, so I asked for one.. little did i know i asked for a year6 test paper lol banter. So they couldn't find it and was like "you asked for wrong one, it's this one" this took up like 10-15 minutes of my test time AND everyone else in my year could see. Kill me. 

Knocking on wrong toilet door: this probably sounds bare weird but basically, my mate was in toilets and some old woman came in and was like "the only free toilet has no toilet paper" so i thought i'd do a good deed and get some off my mate for her. I ended up knocking on wrong toilet but was proper banging, and shouting stuff and some woman came out and was like "when the doors red it means someones in there" i was like jeez obviously got wrong door soz. 

Walking into wrong toilet: this kinda leads on from the last, cause this has happened twice (!!!) once i was drunk so yeno that ones excused.. but does anyone else get confused by the gender signs sometimes? I don't mean the signs but the people ones yeno where the lads in pants and the girls in a dress? no, okay, just me. Why does this confuse me so much?? Even one of them had the lad right across the door and I still walked in, i was super natural then realised there was urinals and there was a man there i was like EEEEP WRONG ONE. 

Forgetting how to make tea: first of all i work in a pub and it proper annoys me when people ask for hot drinks like get a bevy fgs. But anyway, some couple walked in and was like "can i have a tea please" and i haven't even been taught how to use the coffee machine really but you'd think that tea would be straight forward, right?.. not for me. I went ahead and put the tea bag into the section where you would put the coffee capsule, but no tea was coming out(?!) so i was just like sorry it's not working. Then i later realised if i'd just put the tea bag in a mug and then added the hot water it would work, i drink tea 24 times a day you'd think i'd know by now. Wow just don't ask me for tea aha. 

That's all i'm gonna share for today, i hope one of these made you laugh. Have you ever been in any of these circumstances? Please just say yes to make me feel better xo

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