Saturday, 14 January 2017

Supporting Eachother's Success

We all have a hint of jealousy about someone in some point of our lives, whether it be they get better grades than you in school, have more friends than you or just have better clothes than you.

It is possible to feel this way in the blogging community as well, and I myself have been feeling it at some point even towards other bloggers that I enjoy reading. You just have to remember that we all started at different times and each person's experiences is going to be different. To succeed with what you want to do, you need to just get on with it and not bother with whoever else is doing, and to support each other thats the most important part to set your mind on. 

It's no good feeling hatred or jealous towards someone just because they're getting more comments or noticed by others, just be happy for them and it should inspire you to where you want to be. So go do you and enjoy doing it as you go. 

This was just a random short blog, but thought i'd post it anyway :) 


  1. I couldn't have put it better myself! There are lots of constraints as to why you might not have what someone else has, I don't think it's a negative jealousy all the time, but more of an I wish I had moment.

    We could all go places if we put our minds to it x

    1. Yeah 100% like when I say i'm jealous of someone I just wish I was them ahaha! Thanks so much for your comment x