Sunday, 15 January 2017

What I Got For Christmas | APOV Gift Swap

Sorry i'm (very) late posting this, all i've legit done this Christmas is work except for Christmas day and doing Uni work as well so i've kinda been abandoning my blog. 

BUT Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, hope you all had a lovely time whatever you got up to!!! 

I'm not going to name or show what I got off everyone because if it's not on here then i've probably already used it & I don't want this to be too long. I'm so so grateful for everything that everyone got me :) 

So first of all is what my Mum and Dad got me.. I didn't ask for anything this Christmas except for Slippers, and my 'main present' is Grease Live tickets for the tour cause thats my fav musical and my celeb crush Tom Parker is Danny so can't not go really can I ;) 

Every year we get Christmas Day pjs so that's no surprise and I got chocolates too but I eat them before taking these pics.. oops. The radio was such a surprise as wasn't expecting it but I proper love the look of it and it seems so vintage and cool, like not only is it a radio but you can play your own music through bluetooth or whilst charging it on the pull out dock and it has an alarm which is super useful cause I always sleep through mine. I can't wait to use it when I get my room all redecorated and have space to put it somewhere!! 

Moving on to what my Brother and Sister's got me.. my brother got me the 'Angry Mama' which if you haven't seen through Facebook is where you put it in the microwave and it cleans it. He said it was perfect for students, it's such a silly but useful present it made me laugh when I saw it on Facebook and i'm gonna be using it just for the banter tbh. 

My eldest sister got me the sweetest present which is a table top photo of my cat, which is double sided so I have two photos of her and is even personalised with her name. I love my cat so much and definitely miss her whilst i'm at uni, so it was such a sweet present for me to take back to uni with me :) she also got me a set of lip glosses, she said that I probably won't use them because I have loads of Kylie's lip kits instead (lol), but I don't actually own many lip glosses and they're all such pretty colours so I can't wait to try them all out!! 

My next sister got me a Topshop gift card as it's my fave ever shop, and of course i've already used it in the sales. She also got me the teddy which looks like Mr.Bean, growing up we always watched that together and it was one of our fav shows. It was such a lovely gift off her and i'll keep it forever and probably talk to it like Mr.Bean did ahaha no shame.

The next presents I received was off one of my closest friends, she knows me so well and gets the best gifts ever. I actually asked for books because I wanted to read more and always love other people's book recommendations, sequels are also my favourite type of books and I loved the film Me Before You and she has none stop been going on about this book so I hope its as good as she makes out :) She also kindly got me a 'little black book', which she suggested would be good for me to plan out my blogs so I'll for sure be using that as I really do need to plan more and think of more ideas. 

In work as well, we did a Secret Santa I was shocked to see that I had even been put into it as I haven't been there really since Summer due to being away for Uni so that was super sweet. The limit was £5-10 so when I got home I bought my gift for who I was secret santa for and we all gave out our gifts whilst in work on Christmas Eve.. can you feel any more christmassy?? This was such a lovely set of gifts off my Secret Santa, I don't really speak to the person who had me as she doesn't work the late shifts but she seemed to have found me the perfect gifts nonetheless. Heroes are just the best box of chocolates to get me because it's the only ones I actually get to eat all of them ahaha, and since i'm home and actually have a bath I get to proper spoil myself with all the bath goodies, she also got me a bath bomb too but i'd already used that. 

Next, is the #APOVGIFTSWAP which was organised in October. I loved being apart of this, we were partnered up over email with another blogger and started to get to know each other over Twitter and she was so lovely, i'm so happy I got paired with her. Her gifts are just amazing I couldn't have asked for anything better, I literally live in these fluffy socks and i'm always cold so the hot water bottle is a life saver. The candle smells divine even my cat liked it (I was obv gonna mention her at some point aha) so of course i've already lit it.. probably should be more organised with my photos shouldn't I. But yeno thats what my blogs all about being realistic, and at least yeno i'm telling the truth about loving it ;) I really hope there's another Gift Swap this year because I loved it so much. 

Hope this wasn't too long for y'all, I'm so happy with my gifts. Leave below your favourite present this year and whether you'd join a blogger gift swap. 

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