Monday, 20 February 2017

Storytime: Going Dutch

Hiii lovelies, today's post will be talking about 'gong dutch' on a date..

This is mainly related to what Loose Women was chatting about on their show on Wednesday (shoutout to them, as if they'll see this) it seems to be a 'generation thing' or 'what should be done' where the man/boy of the date pays the whole bill. I'm completely against this, i mean i have a job so why do i need someone to pay for me?! My brothers been with his girlfriend for 5 years now & when i asked who pays for the dates as they go for a lot of meals etc, he says that they take it in turn which i think is another great idea.

ANYWAY, getting back to my story. I was on a first date with a lad i really fancied and after the meal he got his wallet out saying he was to pay. I stopped him and said no, we were going to half it's what i've always done and i didn't feel right it only being first date and making him pay.. Like if i didn't like him and knew it was the last time i'd see him i'd make him pay lol.

So, i got my purse out and i only had card and he had cash so when the waitress came over i said i would pay on my card and just give me the cash. Well he THREW his cash at me, excuse me?! I felt so embarrassed as the waitress was stood there and she even looked at me like 'what has he just done'. I really liked this guy and had a great date and he's gone and done that? I was so appalled ngl.

It's fair to say i never saw him again aha, i don't see why he was so angry with me when it's just what i like to do i thought it was good of me to say go halves too?? 

Have any of you ever been in this sitauation, i'd love to hear about them. 

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  1. That's so annoying! I don't see why he would have a problem with it, he's saving money after all. Me and my boyfriend have always done the whole one paying one time and the other the next time.

    1. exactly!! Like surely anyone else would've been grateful?? That's proper cute i don't see the point in just the lad being one to pay all time

  2. tbh I would offer to pay the whole bill on the first date, but if the other person says that we split, i'll do that instead. One thing I'd never do though is to let her foot the bill. As a man with a "firm" belief that CHIVALRY AIN'T DEAD, I'd be ashamed if I let that happen.

    1. yeye don't get me wrong i've had lads pay whole date before and it's lovely, i just didn't like his reaction when i offered to pay half wasn't necessary?! I love that quote though aha

    2. What a weird reaction! In a way though, its better that you found out he was an insecure weirdo so early on! :D

    3. ahaha omg yeah so true, love that response!!