Friday, 17 February 2017

Storytime: PDA experience

Hiii lovelies, it's another story time post about my dating life since they seem to be in high demand aha 

This post is all about 'PDA' and my feelings towards it. I actually HATE it, i mean we've all been there knecking on whilst on the pull on a night out i actually cringe about those days now. But on a date? It feels even worse whilst you're in public space and all they wanna do is constantly kiss you, like i just ain't comfortable with that yeno.

So, on night outs with whoever i was 'seeing' i'd be kissing them without a care in the world of who was watching. Like, were in a club surely everyones doing it, but as i've gotten older i'm just like ew what was i doing? Actually makes me sick no one wants to see that. 

Then whilst i was dating someone, we'd be out having drinks or at a meal and be holding hands which i don't care about it's the norm but when they start snogging me and people are staring it just makes me wanna hide under the table.. literally. I don't even know why i care so much about this, and about people looking (please tell me i'm not the only one). But we was once in a club and we were there properly early, so we were sat in middle and all bar staff could see us and all he wanted to do was snog me it just made me want to die!! 

Don't get me wrong, theres nothing wrong with kissing but full on snogging in middle of a club is just a no go. What makes it worse is when you have clubs on snapchat and they go HUNTING for club kneckers ahah makes me feel so awkward, thankfully i've never been caught.. that i know of anyway.

This is a different to my other 'dating stories' but hope you liked it all the same. 

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