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All about my Pets

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I thought for this blog, Ii'd write a little description of how I got my pets & what they mean to me.. just cause who doesn't love animals?

I’ve always been a major cat lady since we’ve had cats in our house since I was a baby. Unfortunately we only have one cat now, but she’s the only cat I need (wow so cheesy). We’ve also always had dogs too, and I absolutely adored my Golden Labrador and never really thought I would love any other dogs the same. 

The funny story though, is that my dad HATES animals.. well he says he does but they’ve had 7 pets since being together and he's constantly stroking them and taking them for walks etc. My mum actually never tells my dad when she is getting new dogs because she knows he won’t be happy, how are they even still together? Swear whenever my mum says she’s getting a new pet my dad says he's leaving, 27 years later and he’s still here lol.

I always lose track of how old my cat is, she’s either 14 or 15?! Whenever she goes the vets though they say she’s as healthy as a 9 year old which gives me hope that she’ll live till she’s about 21.. how amazing would that be! We went to Freshfields (animal shelter) to get a cat and I fell in love with a black cat there called ‘Beauty’ she came right up to me and wanted strokes. However, a lady that worked there told us that a cat hiding up at the top called Tilly Mint hated it there and was never going to get a home because she was so timid. This convinced my mum into buying her instead. I wasn’t too keen as I wanted a cat I could cuddle with and she didn’t seem like she would be. 

For the first few weeks, Tilly was proper timid and would run behind the bath to hide away from us all. But she eventually came out of her shell and she is just the prettiest cat I know and so playful she’d have me throwing my dressing gown tie in front of her face all day to catch it, as well as stroking her stomach. I’m so glad my mum decided to get her instead of Beauty.

The one thing Tilly does hate is my phone. Whenever i’m holding it even just to scroll through Twitter she tries to knock it out of my hand and then sits on it. She’s so needy like me lol that’s probably why she loves me more than anyone else! My pets always gotta be able to take the perfect selfies with me too. 

Remember that cat filter off snapchat? I tried it with my cat just to be cute us both being a cat, and this happened.. I think these are my favourite photos of me and Tilly though her sassiness really shows through!! 

Now to talk about my gorgeous puppies. Back in March my mum found a breeder who was selling French bulldog puppies and went to have a look to see if she could be convinced (really not hard for my mum to be convinced by a puppy). Thats when she found little Kaiser and just a few weeks later he was at home with us, he was the cutest little pup i’ve ever seen and so laid back all he ever wanted was cuddles. 

My mum loved Kaiser so much that she thought he needed a friend and went to have another look at another set of French Bulldog puppies and found a little girl who we have named Sadie.. we’re defiantly not breeding them can’t be dealing with that. Sadie is so different to Kaiser she’s so jumpy and does the cutest little bum wiggle when she’s excited, she always wants to play with Kaiser who is more than happy to just sleep. Sadie also gives the best cuddles though. 

Even though they proper snore & have the smelliest trumps they’re now my favourite breed of dogs. 

Here’s some photos of my dogs together, so you don’t think that getting two dogs months apart from each other is a bad thing. They really are the best of friends.

Do you have any pets, I would love to know or if you have any questions about any of mine, leave them in the comments below. 

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