Thursday, 6 October 2016


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Being The Third Wheel

Now, this can be about both relationship wise but also friend wise. Me personally, feels that third wheeling a friendship is way worse than third wheeling a couple. 

The majority of my friends are now in relationships. I have about two of my closes friends that are single which is fine as my friends still very much hang round with us at any given opportunity. This isn’t going to be a post ranting about my friends all being in relationships and choosing their partners over me. All my friends are in the cutest relationships and I’m so happy for them. (I am happily single don’t get me wrong there). The only point where I actually start to get pissed off, is when they make excuses to hang round with us when they’ve made plans with their boyfriend. Like, we get it you wanna spend time with them. Just because I’m single doesn't mean I’m going to get angry for you wanting to do that, I’d be more angry at getting lied to. 

The point about this blog is that my friends have been trying to get me into a relationship for years, like it’s kinda embarrassing how single I am. I even applied to tv dating shows.. where my dad went on to say he would actually kick me out the house if I went on it. I did actually get accepted to go on one but turned it down as it clashed with uni, and I don’t think a dating show kind of links into a placement year for my course (as much as I would love that). If I see any hot boys on that show though I am for sure stalking them on any social media!! 

Even in clubs, my friends literally leave me to talk to lads but the worst part is when it’s all going badly there’s no one there to save me from it. So I have to make an escape (I’ve even jumped into a taxi home once when it’s all got too much). 

As much as I love my friends and I get on with their partners, you can only say yes to a meal or drinks as a third wheel before you feel like it’s getting too much and feel like such a geg as well as part of their actual couple. I do love that they feel so comfortable to go out as them and bring me along too so I’m not left out, but I also feel quite pitied too that they’ve done it so I don’t feel so alone. (As you can tell I’m such an over thinker). 

Moving onto third wheeling friends, you can tell when you’re in a friendship of three that theres always two who are closer than others. For me, I’ve always been the third wheel rather than the one with all the inside jokes and meeting up separately to go on a shopping trip and to go out for dinner. Sometimes, on shopping trips I just can’t be myself. I feel so judged about what I go over to look at and if they pick something up and I say it’s horrible I’ll just be the worst person ever. So I do tend to not go shopping with friends (unless I’m really really close to them) and just stick to my sisters as I know I can be myself as they know my style, and were all open about having different tastes. 

The worst part is though, when you try to plan a day out and they both say they can’t make it and then you go on snapchat that very day and they’re out together and you’re sat feeling like a proper mug. Yet, you go out with them again to still feel part of something and they’re just sat talking about something you have no idea about and they might try to get you to feel involved but it’s not working. 

Sorry, that this has been a bit rambled and different to what I normally post perhaps but something I’ve always thought about. Do you relate to any of these situations? If so, leave a comment below. 

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