Friday, 7 October 2016

How to recognise fake friends

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You always meet friends that you think will be in your life forever, but what happens when they suddenly turn their back on you? You start overthinking everything that you've ever done as to why they just mugged you over. Only to realise that it wasn't you but it was them. 

Now over the years, I've had some bad friendship circumstances where I've had to stop and think about why I'm actually still talking to them. I'm sure everyone's had to deal with that at some point.. if not then please tell me your secrets. 

Here's my list of ways to recognise fake friends. 

  1. You always make the effort with them. If you don't start the conversation then there basically won't be one. I'm not saying to talk 24/7 but everyone has a bit of gossip in there life to share.
  2. They never invite you out to places. One time they would've done but now they decide to choose someone else and you're left sitting at home with a tea & Netflix (thats the real winner tbh). 
  3. They call everyone their best friend. Like, no. There's a rule you're only allowed one best friend don't be so greedy. Does anyone else get jealous when someone you call your best friend, calls someone else their best friend? 
  4. Not getting you presents. When it comes to Christmas/Birthday you think of the best presents to buy them, and they just come back with "sorry I forgot yours".. basically a nice way of saying that you aren't getting one.
  5. They don't like all your photos on Instagram. This is another rule that everyone should know. All your friends should go and like it as soon as you post them, no exceptions!
  6. They don't support you. If you're doing something you love and are achieving amazing things, then your friends should be at your side sending positive vibes your way. If they're getting jealous that you're doing better than them then they aren't the friends you need in your life. 
  7. Ignoring messages. This is the absolute worst. There's always those friends who are constantly on their phones, yet when you message them they never seem to reply. However, if they need your help you're always there to message back in 0.5 seconds. It works both ways. 
  8. Slagging you of behind your back. I always wonder what my friends say about me to other people who don't know me hoping it's amazing compliments. There can be friends though who are slagging you off at any opportunity and end up stabbing you in the back.. so be careful who you trust.
  9. Two-faced. I never understand this one really. When someone says they hate someone and forever moaning about them, yet next thing you see they're walking around shopping with them. (This can relate to point 8) 
  10. Lie. This can be about a number of things, but lets say about clothes. I swear if I know I look awful in something, I want my friend to tell me. I'm not looking awful just for you to look amazing in all the photos next to me I am not being that friend!! 
So, there's my list of representations anyway what I say is, less friends = less drama. 

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