Friday, 18 November 2016

My Positives & Negatives Of The Week

This is a new thing i’m going to be doing on my blog just a little re-cap of my week. 

1. Bought new duvet set 
2. Bought cute winter pjs 
3. Bought some birthday/christmas presents 
4. Managed to get some new Kylie Cosmetic lip kits 
5. Ordered different meal deal rather than the usual.. this is big deal for me oki
6. Completed 1,000 words of dissertation for supervisor tutorial 
7. Some dece artists bought dece albums out 

1. My camera battery died - charger in Liverpool 
2. University camera shop was shut = no pictures taking this week 
3. Had to pay £23 for customs charge off Kylie Cosmetics
4. Made a cup of tea and a fly flew into it before i had a sip
5. Found out milk goes off v.quick 
6. Left my hard drive in uni and my tutor is always too busy to be in his office to collect it 
7. Slowly running out of money 

1 comment:

  1. Oh new duvet set is absolutely the best thing on Earth😍 There's nothing better than going to bed with fresh unused sheets haha😄

    ~ Jasmin N