Tuesday, 17 January 2017

University Struggles

I've literally been back at uni for two days since our Christmas break, and it's two days too many lol. Like no exaggeration we've spent 2 hours in just chatting about raising £5000 (£150 each) for our exhibition BOOKLETS.. like why does it cost so much for booklets?! So if anyone wants to throw money my way or has any ideas of how I can raise £150 please let me know ;) 

So not only are lectures wearing me out, I got told at 9:15 on our first day back, we actually only have 12 weeks left till we finish. No stress right. Ugh I just can't even deal with this (!!!) So asides uni work the life of living is just getting to me, not only do I now have to cook and clean for myself I actually have to SHOP for myself, like i've done this for three years now but I never know what to get? I can't even cook so I just whack pasta in the pan and get some Dolmio sauce and whack that in the microwave, I literally am just pasta. 

I don't mind living by myself, I live with 5 others but it doesn't feel like it lol. But it is seriously lonely at times, at least the last few years I had mates who lived in same halls or my house mates last year would watch corrie with me and make me a brew, but now I have no one and it's seriously boring. I always get told (5000 times a day) by people on my course I should just commute, but I couldn't cope with working alongside my uni work for a start and the 5am starts to get trains would kill me off as well as looking after puppies on top of that.. no thanks. 

But besides all of this stress at least I get to go on night outs which is aba only £20 cause £5 bottle of wine gets me done for the night and then the maccies after.. it's not a night out without a cheeky maccies. It all adds up living next to uni when you get to just walk home after a night out, and since we only really have practical work to produce AND it's my birthday soon we're going to have LOADS of night outs and I'm so ready (!!!!) 

If you relate to my struggles, let me know in comments and how you cope with partying alongside uni work. 

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