Thursday, 25 May 2017

You Can Achieve Your Goals

This is just a little post I thought I would write because I'M GRADUATING FROM UNIVERSITY !!! I honestly thought that I would never get to this point. All through school I would be the 'class clown' I mean, if you can't be clever just be funny, right? All through school to college, I was always told that I would never achieve anything or get into university and so after a while I just started believing it. I had in my mind that I wanted to be a comedian, the only skill I had was making people laugh and I enjoyed that. BUT YOU CAN DO IT. 

You might be reading this and thinking "you must be smart to get into university though". Like no, that's not it at all. I legit got my English GCSE and that's it, I did Science, Health & Social Care and ITC as BTEC so that's how I ended up with technically four. I got into college by passing their own English and Maths tests, I mean i've had loads of jobs since being 18 so I must be doing something right. But the fact I always tell someone i'm in uni and they straight away think you're cleaver is so joke, I do photography so i'm not saying this could mean the same for someone doing Psychology its totally different i'm saying in my circumstances. 

So anyway, through college I was always told I wouldn't get into university and even when I asked for ways to up my grade I was always told that they were 'too busy' like do you not want to see me achieve anything?! I ended up getting MMP when for the university I really wanted to go to accepted DMM, so I spent the last day of college just none stop crying and thought i'd failed at my dreams. 

HOWEVER, after being told this I rang up my 'chosen uni' to see whether they would still accept me and they said that based on my interview I could have a place on the course, my portfolio itself had pleased them enough. My college even ended up sending my grades to them late, so whilst I was on holiday I officially didn't find out I was in uni till 3 days before I was due back home. It totally ruined my holiday and I don't understand why my college was doing this to me??!!! 

But after all that, i've worked soooo hard these three years in uni even after one of my tutors wanted me kicked off the course at end of first year (why does everyone hate me) I'm just so proud of myself, i've proved that I can achieve something myself and I don't have to be clever I just have to have enough passion and faith in something.

I want you all to take from this, that if you ever get told you won't achieve anything or not get into your university choice GO PROVE THEM WRONG!!! 

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