Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Life Update

Hi lovelies, long time.. no chat. Most of you probably haven't even noticed i've been away lol. 

But, i've took some time off from blogging mainly to focus on my university work and my job. HOWEVER i can officially say that i've handed allll my work in (besides from my presentation, which is next week) I can't wait to just be officially finished and get my grades back next month. Third year has definitely been stressful, but i know that i've done all i can do so i just have to sit back and relax. 

Another piece of news is that i've started my driving lessons (!!!!) i've been saving up since i was about 18 and got myself a savers account at the bank to do so, i'm so excited i'm finally getting them done. I wanted to do them as soon as I was back home from university, just because i wouldn't feel comfortable enough starting them in a different town.

I've only done 4 lessons at this point, and i'm not saying i'm amazing but they're going seriously well and my driving instructor is just the best.

That's all the updates i can give my life's pretty much just been work & uni work (how exciting)
I hope to be back to blogging twice a week though :)

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