Thursday, 2 February 2017

Day In The Life Of A Casual Blogger

Hiii Lovelies, I saw this post over on 'Campus Society' by Ruth MacGlip who is a 'fashion communication student' and also 'freelance social media and writing for various brands, magazines and websites' I found it super interesting so thought i'd join bandwagon. 

So let's get into it shall we for my usual Monday routine..

8:00 am -  wake up. Check both Twitter accounts, 4 of my Instagram accounts, Facebook, Snapchat, Campus Society, go back onto twitter once more. 

8:15- manage to pull myself out of bed, brush my teeth, do my make up, throw on some clothes and trainers, try and style my hair into a decent side part to straighten (which get ruins as soon as i step outside)

9am - leave for university. 

9:10 - get into my first lecture just spotting a friend who i can sit next to. Chat about nothing whilst grumbling that it's too early and wishing it was still the weekend. Checking to see if my attendance is good enough for me to just walk out and be back in bed (it's definitely not) Our lecture starts and we get handed a photograph each of someone else's work that they brought in, we then have to write what we think about it.. i of course got the work of the best person in our class like what can i say .. NOTHING IS WRONG IT'S PERFECT. Then have to listen to someone talk about my work, but nothing bad was said so I'm still loving life.

11:15 - we finally have a break from the lecture, go to the canteen downstairs to grab a cookie as big as my head and a bottle of coke just to make me feel somewhat alive ready for our next lecture. 

1:15-2:15 the second lecture ended and my stomach is rumbling louder than a fog horn. Me and my friends spend about 15 minutes trying to think where to eat, until deciding on going into weatherspoon. YAY FOR NACHO'S. When we are waiting in queue to order, a fight starts going off with a regular and bar man saying he is barred, and takes his drink off him (banter ) this causes more of a riot and the regular finally gets dragged out after kicking seats and sending bar mats flying. This was the excitement I needed for a Monday lol. 

2:15-4:15 - our last lecture of the day. We had a guest speaker come in telling us all about how great her life has been since finishing university and the opportunity's she's managed to have. Yeah thanks for making my Monday afternoon so great. After that's over and no one has any questions to ask, I say goodbye to my friends and walk back home. 

4:30-5:00- posted some photographs onto Instagram, one on my photography account and another on my dogs account. I have a dogs Instagram account even though i'm never home so I literally just have it to remind myself what they look like aha. I also watch as one of my scheduled post went live, so started spreading that around on Twitter and Campus Society. 

5:00-6:30- watched youtuber's newest uploads of the day; Alfie Deyes, Alice Thorpe, Joe Sugg, Jasmin Clough, SacconeJolys, Caspar and This Morning.. for the lols. Then switch on Channel 4 to watch Hollyaoks. 

7:00-7:30 - go the shop to get myself a sandwich, big bag of wotsits, bottle of coke, bread and some milk. 

7:30-8:00 - put on itv to watch coronation street.. why does my life revolve around soaps though seriously? I watched this whilst enjoying my chicken and stuffing sandwich. 

8:00-8:30 - whilst corrie was on a break i decided to wash some of my plates, write up some plans for blog posts, write up some potential photo ideas for my university idea and debating whether or not to do a blog post on my photography account. I did actually enter some photography competitions to put on my blog though. 

8:30-9:00 - watched the second part of corrie. 

9:00-12:00 - got myself all ready for bed, got into bed and watched an episode of Celebrity Big Brother since i'm getting way behind. After i'd watched one of them, decided to watch a film, 'Now is Good'. Who doesn't love a good sad film to fall asleep to. 

12:00-8:00 - time to fall asleep and do it all over again tomorrow, even though i probably didn't fall asleep till 2/3am. 

Hope you found this somewhat interesting ahaha. 

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