Thursday, 9 February 2017

Throwback Thursday: Feeling Nostalgic

Hiii lovely's for today's post IT'S MY BIRTHDAY so whilst i'm home i'm gonna do a #throwbackthursday of some old pics.. prepare to lol & me to cringe.

I was gonna do a birthday photo for each year, but turns out my mum & dad got to my birthday's and just didn't take any pics lol sound.

As it's also 3 years tomorrow since the death of my Grandma & 8 years last week since my Grandad's I thought it would be cute to look back at some of my favourite memories too. Especially since I was with them 90% of the time.. no exaggeration aha.

I think these are actually from my 1st birthday, but wow I was an ugly baby, not surprised my parents didn't take pictures of me. Why was the bow actually the size of my head though?!
Guessing this is at some family party, classic candid shot though love it. 

 This is when i think my Auntie Betty came to visit, she lives somewhere across the world.. i think i was at that age where i din't know how to smile like WHAT is that face god sek.
                                                          Cute pic of me loving my mum & she's just like ew get off bants

you'd think i'd remember riding a horse but i actually don't.

this photo proper makes me lol, me and sean loving life, charlotte acting like she's sitting on a chair not a moving chain and Georgina being part of the Spice Girls. we really are the coolest family

me and my sister are that kind of people, where we aren't twins but loved dressing like each other. How cute are our dungarees though???

when you just wanna be your grandma

can't even say anything good about these photo's i mean, me with a ball in my mouth or is it an acton shot?!

Georgina with what looks like a tea pot cosy on her head, Charlotte doing a back bend off the banister & me just trying to pull my eyes out.

you would think Sean was the normal one.. lol nah

 incase you didn't already get it, we are MASSIVE liverpool fan's i seriously think since the ground opened we've had season tickets.

my holy communion (if it wasn't obvious)

swear i remember this day, might've been around 2008 we haven't changed at all except for my brothers hair aha

our last christmas with our Grandma.

I actually have some actual birthday photo's now

my last birthday meal & birthday where i got to take a photo with my Grandma. I never would've though that a year later, i would be sat in hospital holding her hand and when i said goodbye to her it would be the last time before she passed away the next morning.




Hope you liked this style of post, just something different and cute/funny to look at and for me to reminisce on some old memories.

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