Tuesday, 14 February 2017

What I Got For My Birthday

Hiii lovelies "i'm feeling 22" hehe had to put that in there. So, I thought I would just do a lil post on what my amazing friends & family got me for my birthday...

So, off my mum & dad i got a photo printer.. i always sound so weird saying that but i LOVE printing photo's off and i just cba paying loads for them yeno. So i actually chose this myself and then they bought it, but what i wasn't expecting was this little book (!!!) i love personalised gifts and it was so unexpected. I've made one of these for my friend before and they're just so original and cute. 

I got this cute meerkat off my eldest sister, and my favourite animal is meerkat so of course i just fell in love. It even has it's own name.. i mean can it get any cuter?! It's so cool how she got it like i've never seen meerkat toys expect for like the GoCompare adverts it's so cuddly too. She also got me a lovely meal but being a bad blogger (and too hungry) i didn't take a pic but it was v.yummy.

This is off my other sister, i've always wanted a colouring book but never actually bought one it's so calming and therapeutic too deffo gonna help me with this final year of uni. She also cleverly thought about getting me colouring pencils too aha.. the BEST part about this present though is the sharpener. I mean just look at it, it's a sharpener that looks like a 'Rolliflex' camera.. my fav camera that i'll never get lol. 

These are off my two friends in uni, they also got me the lightbox which i've wanted for AGES. They got me so many amazing presents i'm just in love with it all and can't wait to do my nails now or try a hot chocolate. 

This is a present off one of my best friends on the course and she legit knows me so well, get me anything cat related and i'll love it (all my friends actually got me cat related cards lol) and the mug well just explains my life 24/7 basically. 

These are all off my bestest pal.. again off my course aha. We've been mate for three years and she really does get the best gifts, they're all so personal too and a gal loves personal gifts. I even have pjs in the grumpy cat so these socks go PERFECTLY and they have that padding on bottom so no falling over for me. I just cannot wait to snuggle up with this cutest hot water bottle and all these snacks aha.

This is off my all time bezzy and again she gives me the most personal gifts.. knows me so well.  I cannot wait to read this book it's gonna be so helpful to me and interesting probably learn i've broken all the rules already. She also got me a coronation street colouring book.. Yes another colouring book AND IT'S CORRIE eep, i got too excited and took it back to uni with me before i actually took a pic. It's so cool it actually tells you about the scenes the photo is off highly recommend. I know you read my posts so THANK YOU M8 xox

So, i hope y'all enjoyed this post and got an extra insight about me and all the things i love. 


  1. Happy Birthday Girl! These are some amazing presents! I especially love the printer, I think that would be on my list. I love printing off photos, I agree with you, it's soo much more cheaper. I love your mug as well, very pretty.

    Gemma | www.anoceanglimmer.wordpress.com

    1. aww thank you :) been well and truly spoilt. ahaha exactly, i mean the printer is so much cheaper than going out and spending like over £30 just to print a few pics off! I know i've been none stop using the mug.